10 Best Forex Brokers

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10 Best Forex Brokers

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Currency trading companies
UFX website

Tostt UFX company in 2007, and is one of the leading companies in the field of Forex. In 2011, the company became a lawmaker in the European Union by the MIFID, and in 2013, she received another recognition by the Commission of the global financial services in Belize against the high standards of credibility and consumer protection and insurance funds.
Markets Company site

Markets.com company and certainly one of the most powerful brokers in the Forex considered. The company offers a range of features that make trading fun. There are many platforms to choose from and each one offers many tools and deliberative techniques. This mediator knows well that he offers a reward by $ 25 without deposit for new Mtdaoulih.
XM the company's website

XM company, formerly known as XEMarkets, is the trading name of Trading Point Holdings Ltd. and based in Cyprus. Company legislator by CySec, and ASIC in Australia and New Zealand in the FSP and the FCA in the UK. In XM you can Mstmtherin access to trading currencies and CFDs and indices and precious metals and energy.
FXCM company's website

FXCM Group is the one of the largest and fastest growing Forex companies, has won this title in the list of the fastest growing in the United States own companies Company Inc. 500 for three consecutive years (2004-2006) and the Group owns offices all over the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Japan as they announced in this year (2011) to start the company's shares in New York Stock Exchange trading under the FXCM code. FXCM is a large and powerful company, and resides users worldwide and now offers high liquidity and large financial assets.
FXTM the company's website

Forex Time Inc. or Time Forex, founded in 2012, is still considered a new company in the world of Forex trading on the Internet. But, within two years, this company has been able to dig a name for herself by winning several awards in the area, such as the "Best New Company of the Year 2013" and "the fastest growing forex broker." It can be said that the success of the company "Forex Time" largely due to the founder, "Andrei Daxin" who also participate in the establishment of other leading Forex company on the Internet, a "Alpari". FXTM company located in Cyprus and is wide open by the IFSC there.
AvaTrade the company's website

AvaTrade company was founded in 2006 and is among the best Forex brokers around the world, with offices in New York, Dublin and Milan, Sydney, Tokyo and other locations. AvaTrade company wide open by the Central Bank of Ireland and regulated by MiFID in the EU. And it is also wide open by ASIC in Australia and the Financial Services Commission in Japan in addition to the Financial Services Commission B.V.I in the British Virgin Islands.
Trade.com the company's website

Trade.com managed by Lead Capital Markets, and is licensed and authorized by the Cyprus Securities Commission and stock exchanges (CySEC investment company) license number 14/227. It seems that the company exceeded Trade.com recent volatility that caused the turmoil in global markets and attribute this to the strong risk management they have and which enabled them to overcome the impact of the recent French Swiss legislation.
IG Markets
IG Markets Company site

IGMarkets.com company located in London in the United Kingdom, which is part of IG Group Holdings, a global institution, which was founded in 1974 when it began as an indicator IG, and provided an innovative way for individual investors to speculate on the price of gold. This has been the company's website since 2003 and currently has offices in 16 countries and provides services for approximately 140,000 active customers in all parts of the world. IG is licensed and regulated by the authority of the financial behavior (FCA) and the Committee for investments and securities Australian (ASIC), and is considered one of the world's leading provider of service CFD trading and price differentials, as well as the largest Forex Provider retail in the United Kingdom. IG Group is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is part of the benchmark index FTSE 250.
CMSTrader the company's website

CMS Trader or "CmsTrader" company is a relatively new company in the Forex market. The company began operations in 2013, he has won many international awards, including the prize of being the best Forex broker and best customer service in the year 2013. The headquarters of the company "Cmstrader" in the UK and the company's offices in Cyprus and Hong Kong have.
Plus 500
Plus 500 company site

Established for more than ten years, it is licensed and regulated by the authority of the financial procedures (FCA). Plus500 company offers trading CFDs only in the following areas: FX, commodities, indices, stocks and ETFs. The company offers uncluttered design on the website and on their trading platform, which makes it convenient trading experience new traders.
* It may be your capital at risk

XForex the company's website

Xforex Forex is a specialized company in the field of currency trading and was established in Cyprus in 2003 and operates today under license company "O.C.M. Markets Online.", But it is then expanded to North America. After a lot of investigation and testing it seems that this broker is good, with good service, and good trading platform, and some special privileges to customers that go beyond other brokers services.
FXCC the company's website

FXCC is short for "Forks Central Company for settlement of Finance Ltd.", it processes some of the gaps in the international market for trading currencies, and by offering a choice between two platforms of the best trading platforms, and services to nine languages ​​and deliberative circumstances where some of the best and Forex Brokers compete, so this is the company to compensate for the lack of years of experience by providing distinctive deliberative conditions. FXCC read the evaluation of the company in order to determine whether this is the mediator appropriate for you.
Windsor Brokers

Company "Windsor" Brokerage Co., Ltd. is one of the brokerage firms in Forex, which offers the possibility of trading with more than 70 financial instrument, including Forex and CFD and Futures. The Company is subject to the legislation of "Cyprus investment company" supervised by "the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission" and is also registered with the FCA (which was formerly known as FSA) and other European authorities.
KLMFX the company's website

KLMFX company was founded in 2013 and is one of the largest brokerage firms in the Forex. All offers KLMFX deliberative conditions and the right tools for success. And got a 5 star rating as the best trading company in 2015 for customer service. Trader at KLMFX company can trade with greater liquidity providers, including Barklays and Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley and others. Headquartered KLMFX is in Bahrain and owns 12 branches around the world.

Orbex company was founded in 2010 and based in Limassol in Cyprus and an office in the State of Kuwait, and is a financial services company licensed in Forex before, "the Cyprus Securities Commission and stock exchanges", a legislator under the European Monetary Union (MiFID). ORBEX LTD company, formerly known as the AFBFx know, it is a registered company with the FSA as well. The company got appreciation in a lot of times in exchange for the privilege of services and educational programs.

"Active Trides" and in English (ActivTrades) is a leading brokerage firm in London working in the Forex markets and contracts for differences (CFDs), stocks and spread betting. Extending their services to all global markets and has direct access through a variety of platforms, deliberative distinctive. "Active Trides" (ActivTrades) registered with the Financial Services Authority and to keep track of the Financial Services Compensation Program.
Easy Forex
Easy Forex company website

Easy-Forex is a platform is a downloadable been developed for traders who want to use a system that is already easy. Characterized the registration process is quick and simple and it is also in the process of depositing funds. And Easy-Forex offers a daily circulation of specific additional orders and transactions depend on the user's location. The differences between supply and demand, prices and the amount of risk on the account, which ranges from small accounts and accounts stomach _khasasaa VIP depend on the type. The minimum required risk is $ 12.5

FxGrow company was founded in 2004, is a global brokerage firm on the Internet under the brand name Growell Capital. The company is licensed by the legislator and the Cyprus Securities Commission and the stock exchange as a limited company CIF, and operates under the direction of the financial markets in the European markets law (MiFID). In addition, the company is licensed in England by the FCA in Germany by the BaFin and in many other European countries. FxGrow is a leading STP / ECN companies in the field of Forex traders and enjoy the benefits of a true ECN technology at this company.
ForexYard company's website

Forex Yard claim to be "responsible for the achievement of better training of the Forex market online experience." And despite the fact that their trading volumes platform is not the easiest to use, but it offers a full range of tools to give new comfort to the trader in the market and to achieve maximum benefit for their customers. Those tools include tutorials online personal training (a conversation over the phone or even face to face) and a dedicated support team answer your questions on a round-the-clock throughout the week.

EXNESS working group began in 2008 and is committed to providing high quality trading services to customers in many financial markets. The company cut a long distance from that time, and today is considered one of the pioneers in the world of brokers and Forex ECN. EXNESS group boasts honesty and transparency, and are wide open by a body CySec in Cyprus.


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